Step by Step Missions...

Helping One Step at a Time

Our Mission 

The goal of Step by Step Missions has multiple aspects.  

One aspect of our mission work is to connect with the albino amputees who have survived attacks by believers of witchcraft, and provide them with prosthetic devices.  Unfortunately, only a few victims survive these attacks.  The survivors are usually housed in "camps" (what we would call an orphanage) with other people with albinism for their protection.  To see pictures of the orphanage we visited, click on the following link:

During our visits to Tanzania in 2012, we learned about some of the medical needs that are specific to the albino population.  We have the goal of broadening our aid to these children by adding medical specialist to our mission team who are qualified to address these specific needs.  To learn more about their specific needs, click on this link:

The "camps" in which the children with albinism live are very basic and have many needs, which leads to another aspect of our mission...

We strive to make these "camps"  a better place to live for all of the children who are housed there.  In addition to addressing their medical needs, we collect donations and supply the children with necessities such as hats, clothes, shoes, etc.  We also provide toys and build play equipment to improve the quality of life for the children.

An additional goal of our mission work is to serve other needy people of Africa who are living with amputation by providing them with prosthetic devices.  We provide custom artificial limbs, as well as assistive devices, to improve mobility. Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for those we care for by increasing their independence.

The final aspect of our mission is to introduce the people we are serving to Christianity.  We are excited to pair the message of God with the hope that comes with increased mobility and independence.  It is our prayer that both of these will plant seeds that provide great amounts of spiritual and personal growth for the people we serve, those who assist with these missions, and ourselves.

To help fund this mission, click on this link:


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