Step by Step Missions...

Helping One Step at a Time

Bukoba, Tanzania - June 1-9

In 2014, We will again be going to Tanzania, Africa to perform mission work. 

The goals of our mission are designed to spread the word of God’s love while helping children and others in need in Tanzania.  Our missions focus on helping children with albinism and disabled children who live at orphanages.  We are working in conjunction with e3 Partners, a group that specializes in evangelism and church planting worldwide.

There are 38 others of us traveling to Northern Tanzania this year, leaving June 1st and returning on June 9th.  We will be providing mission services at two orphanages in Bukoba, Tanzania.  This year we have assembled a team of medical professionals who specialize in the special needs of these children.  

The team consists of:

1) An optometrist who specializes in the vision deficits common to people with albinism,

2) A pediatric dermatologist who will be addressing the many skin issues we see at the orphanages which normally lead to skin cancer,

3) A prosthetist who be taking impressions to make 9 artificial limbs for the children with amputations,

4) A teacher who specializes in educating the deaf,

5) Three teachers who specialize in educating the blind, and

6) A physical therapist.

We will be traveling and working with a group from e3 Partners, including a director of their children’s ministry program.

Please pray for the members of our team and those we will be serving during our trip.  May God touch their lives and bring them the peace and hope of a life in Christ.