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May 2013 - Mission to Shinyanga Tanzania

Step by Step Missions will be returning to Tanzania in May of 2013.  As discussed at our home page, the goals of Step by Step Missions are evolving as we identify ways to help those in need.  During our visits to Tanzania in 2012, we learned about some of the medical needs that are specific to the albino population.  We wanted to help by adding medical specialists who are qualified to address these specific needs to our mission team.

As always, God provides!!  Two amazing women have been added to our mission team, Dr. Ashley Risner and Charlotte Wootten, both from Nacogdoches.  Charlotte actually helped develop the children’s ministry program with e3 partners and Dr. Risner is an Optometrist who specializes in “low vision”.  We all feel God’s hand at work as these women with special skills have become dedicated to our cause.

During the fall of 2012, we were contacted by Dr. Ashley Risner, an Optometrist from Nacogdoches, TX.  She had heard about our work in Tanzania and wanted to help by providing vision services to the albino children at Buhangiji.  A common trait of albinism is poor vision due to a lack of pigment which causes abnormal development of the retina and affects the formation of the nerve pathways from the eyes to the brain.  Ashley has the training and expertise to help the kids at Buhangiji by addressing their vision needs.  But most importantly, she has a kind heart and a desire to help others in need.

Ashley made us aware of special vision devices available to assist people with albinism.  This equipment includes magnifiers and telescopes which will allow them to see both distance and near more clearly which will help them in classroom learning and in everyday life.  She has enthusiastically agreed to accompany Sherrie on this Step by Step mission trip to Buhangiji.  Ashley’s office technician, Kassi Smith and Kassi’s daughter (Kaydi) will also be going to help with the vision work for the kids.  While there, we hope to provide all of the albino children at Buhangiji with these vision improvement devices (Vision Kits).  We are able to purchase each Vision Kit for a discounted price of $35.  However, there are between 120 and 150 children with albinism currently at the camp, so the total costs will be around $5,000.  The eyesight of people with albinism does not change with age, so these Vision Kits should meet their needs for the rest of their lives. If you would like to sponsor a child’s vision kit, please go to the following link to donate

Once again, we are working with e3 Partners on this mission to Tanzania.  We are very excited that Charlotte will be joining us on this trip to Buhangiji to share the story of Jesus through curriculum that is specially designed for them. 

As always, we appreciate your prayers for this upcoming mission and thanks to everyone for your support.