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2012 Tanzania Mission (Original Plans)

Our 2012 mission trip to Tanzania was originally designed to identify and help people with albinism that have suffered amputation at the hand of people selling the severed limbs for use in potions of witchdoctors.  It has been reported that the witch doctors and followers of witch craft believe that potions containing albino bones will bring them prosperity (see our "Resources" page for details on these reports). 


While identifying the few survivors of these attacks, it came to our attention that there are many amputees in Tanzania who can not afford prosthetic services.  Therefore, we broadened our mission. We will be providing prostheses for as many amputees as we can raise the funds to serve (victims of these attacks, as well as other amputees). 

Step by Step is teaming with e3 partners in this endeavor (see our "Resources" page for more information on e3 partners). 

The mission effort will require 2 trips to Tanzania:

  • The 1st trip will entail travel to Mwanda, Tanzania Africa.  We will be evaluating and casting during this visit.  We have the goal of serving 30 amputees.  Patients will also be shown stretching and strengthening exercises to perform in preparation of fitting on the return trip.
  • During the 1st trip we will also be meeting with the prosthetic departments in the local hospitals of each region we visit.  This will ensure that those assisted will have the means for needed repairs and adjustments, until we return next year.
  • When we return to Texas, we will begin fabrication of the prostheses.
  • The 2nd trip to Mwanda, Tanzania will be in August.  During this visit, we will fit the prostheses and teach the amputees how to walk with their new limbs.  They will also be educated on proper maintenance and care of their prosthesis. A minimum of 1 physical therapist will accompany us during this trip.  If the patient's with albinism have an upper extremity amputation, an occupational therapist will also join us.

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