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Summer 2012 Update

We are very excited about our pending return to Tanzania.  Having made travel arrangements with help from e3 Partners again, we have scheduled Saturday, August 11th as the departure date for the next trip.  Since more time will be required for this prosthetic delivery phase, we will be in Tanzania for a total of 12 days and gone overall a total of 15 days including travel time.

We have been very busy working on Step by Step activities since returning from Tanzania in June.  Many hours were needed to fabricate the 24 prosthetic limbs we will be delivering on our return mission trip.  We would like to say “Thanks” to the many individuals and companies who made generous donations of services and components during this fabrication process.  All the finished prostheses are almost ready and we are looking forward to fitting and delivering these new limbs for the amputees in Africa.

Step by Step has also had the opportunity to bring awareness to our mission during the past couple of months.  Sherrie Anderson and the work being done through Step by Step have been featured in 2 local news reports on KTRE News since our first trip to Tanzania.  There have also been multiple newspaper articles detailing the work of Step by Step.  This news coverage has been very helpful in getting the word out about Step by Step and generating donations being used to serve those in need.  We are so thankful for the many donations of funds, as well as the clothes, supplies, toys and other items we will be taking to Africa in August.  We are especially thankful for the many items donated that will be given to the albino, deaf and blind children at the Buhangija orphanage in Shinyanga, TZ.

Another recent fundraising activity was the community garage sale held in Nacogdoches, TX on Saturday, July 21st.  The people of Nacogdoches and East Texas opened their hearts to donate hundreds (maybe thousands) of items to be sold.  The sale was a huge success with hundreds of local shoppers coming by to buy some lightly used treasures and support Step by Step.  We really appreciate everyone who donated and purchased items.  Also, a big “Thanks” goes to the volunteers who worked tirelessly to organize and price the items being sold and as “salespersons and cashiers” during the event.

All in all, it’s been a very exciting, busy and successful summer for Step by Step.  We will be providing a full update on activities in Tanzania after our return in late August.  Please pray for those we will be helping while we are in Africa.